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Sampon Sebocorector – Gerovital H3 Derma+

Unele probleme, ca sa scapi de ele, trebuie sa te ocupi cu seziozitate de ele. Toata lumea imi admira parul ca nu necesita placa de par ca sa il indrept, ca e asa de sanatos firul nefiind „maltratat”. Propblemele cu care ma confrunt eu si parul meu sunt de alta natura. Excesul de sebum a fost problema lui numarul 1 si totul s-a rezolvat dupa ce am descoperit produsul Sampon Sebocorector de la Gerovital H3 Derma+.


Ani de zile m-am chinuit cu aceasta problema si numai mama stie de cate ori nu faceam iarna baie pe cap, dimineata, inainte sa plec de acasa. Ca o gura de aer a fost acest produs pentru mine. In momentul in care l-am ales, nu am fost foarte increzatoare. Comentariile la acest produs nu erau pozitive si eu i-ncercasem destule produse si efectul lor era de scurta durata. Farmec imi spusese de la inceput ca el o sa fie salvarea mea, dar parul meu era cel care ar fi avut ultimul cuvant.

Secretul acestui sampon este acela ca regleaza si reducere a hipersecretiei glandelor sebacee. Am fost incantata de rezultatul sau de la prima spalare, dar ca sa am o parere pertinenta aveam nevoie sa folosesc produsul de mai multe ori. Impresiile la cald coindic cu cele la rece. Dupa 4-5 zile de la folosite, parul da semne de ingrasare. Experienta mea cu acest sampon, la prima folosire a fost marcanta. Textura acestui produs este diferita fata de restul sampoanelor pe care le-am folosit. Este cremos si nu este extrem de fluid. Obijnuinta bat-o vina! Acest produs nu face foarte foarte multa spuma, insa curata bine scalpul. Are un miros foarte subtil, iar pe mine m-a salvat. Acest sampon creat in colaborare cu specialisti in domeniul sanatatii, mi-a adus incredere in mine. Pretul lui este de 36 lei, un pret mic in comparatie cu efectul sau.


Cu acest sampon, sunt mereu gata de noi experinete. Ma bucur ca Farmec mi-a dat sansa sa descopar acest produs. Multumesc.

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Magazin Web Pandortex

La inceputul anului, mai exact fix acum 3 saptamani am descoperit site-ul Produsele lor mi s-a parut incantatoare, atat de utile, atat de practice, incat nu stii ce sa iti adaugi in cos. In timp ce ma uitam pe site, aveam impresia ca le-as lua pe toate acasa. Acest magazin mi-a adus aminte de imaginea pe care o aveam legata de cadourle de Craciun, de cand eram eu mica. Erau foarte multe si foarte diverse incat nu stiam cu care sa ma joc prima data. Cu aceasta imaginea in minte, cu ochii pe produselor, mi-am pus intrebarea: cine sunt cei de la ? Prezentarea lor este cuprinzatoare, asadar:

Magazinul online va ofera o gama larga de produse pentru diferite varste si activitati: obiecte si articole de design interior, ustensile necesare in bucatarie sau baie, cadouri simple pentru fiecare membru al familiei, produse cosmetice, birotica, jucarii, genti, unelte de pescuit, accesorii pentru caini, unelte de gradinarit sau produse de imbracaminte se regasesc in oferta Pandortex. In fiecare saptamana va asteptam cu noi promotii si oferte speciale la diverse categorii de produse.


De dimineata am aflat ca produsele alese sunt in drum spre mine. La scurt timp dupa aceasta, m-a sunat curierul de la PrioriPost. Produsele asteptau sa fie ridicate. Initial pot sa spun ca nu am stiut de la cine e, pentru ca ma asteptam sa vina prin Posta Romana. Uite asa surprizele se tin lant. Abia astept sa le „disec” pe fiecare in parte.

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Haine minunate la Shein

Mereu in cautare de haine noi. Fiecare cu placerile lui nevinovate, nevinovate am zis da?
De data aceasta m-a atras un hanorac care pare atat de calduros si o rochie de vara.
Amandoua imi plac foarte foarte mult.
Sa vi le arat mai intai si pe urma sa va spun de noua promotie a lor.



Wear warm & chic from winnter to spring.

Build your wardrobe and find more discounts in SheIn.

Flash sale & up to 80% off.

Ends: January/27

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1 to 2 .

Almost 9 months ago, i have bought something from . In that period i had many problems and i forgot to share this with you. Dresslink, i am sorry ! This is the first topic about that order.

The pants were too small for me unfortunately and i gave them as a gift to a colleague.
The top was wonderful.


…and now, me and the top.


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New friens –

Every woman wants new clothes. It is a madness. I am a fashion lover. A few days ago i found an underfull site : Here i discovered the most fashionable clothing, it’s looking like a heaven. I have chosen for me three beautiful products. I will show you only two, the third is It’s a mystery, a big mystery.

Casual Woollen Hooded Double Breasted Pure Color Wool Overcoat

Women Long Sleeve V Neck Off Shouler Knit Sweater

Waiting …

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Her dress has a name – Cocomelody

The adolescence is a beautiful time in every person life. I remember with joy from that time of my life. One of the important persons from that time was my neighbor, Lidia. We slept many times together, we shared dreams, we made plans. Although we were teenagers, one of the main subjects was the wedding dress which we will wear in the big day. Many days and many nights we would look on fashion magazines, on internet for the dress she dreamed of. It should of been from the category backless Wedding Dresses.

Many years passed since then, she moved in France. Old friendships can not be splitted neither from time or from distance. She called me few months ago to invite me to her wedding. This news made me so happy. I was impatient to find out what dress she will wear. She didn’t wanted to give me any details on the phone. In the wedding day, when i saw her dress, i saw her dream came true. She choosed the dress she dreamt of and she told me she bought it from


I was seeing how happy she was. She married the man she loves, she has the wished dress, she is a happy woman. She came close to me, with a smile i rarely saw on her face. She took me in her arms and started to cry. Through tears she told me that will come the day when i will wear lace backless wedding dress. I thought she forgot, but no. I started to cry. Dreams must be taken till end.

The days spent in France were wonderful. She insisted and we started to search for my wedding dress, although that day is not established. Every day she would tell me: your dream of wearing your wished dress will come true just like i made my dream come true. Clear?! Who would dare to contradict her? Me not. I opened the and i saw details about the sale campaign. I like to see good news. Well, i will found my dress here? Let`s see.


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A beautiful hair –

I always liked to have long hair, but my mother would always cut my hair. This happened until i was 14 years old. Since then i had long hair. A girl, a woman is much more womanhood when she has long hair. My sister has other character and she always had short hair. Every time she would admire mine, but she didn’t had the patience to wait until it grows. All the time she wanted a change. We care a lot one about other, but i choosed to stay in Romania and she choose to leave in USA.

We two talk often on the phone. She asks often if i still have long hair, how long. We tell each other a lot of things. One day she told me she was coming from the hair stylist and she saw thouse hair wefts from which everybody talks about. She told me so many things about them, she was good informed. When she tells me something specific about a thing, it means that that thing really interest her. I knew good why she tells me, but my sister knows me very good. I wanted to ask her about the price, about the quality, but she knew before what i wanted to ask. She told me to remember only this words „cheap human hair wefts„. I felt joy in her voice, finally, with a little trick her dream will come true. I asked her when i will see her with them, i knew that this is what she will do next. Her answer surprised me: when you will come visit me. I knew she wasn’t joking. I was missing her and i needed a holliday.


We started to make plans, to book airplane tickets. Sometimes i had the feeling that the time doesn’t pass no more. But finally the big day came. The way to the airport and the houres spent in the airplane made me very tired. In thouse moments i only wanted a hug from her and a bed to rest in finally. This tiredness disappeared the moment i saw my sister: she had a long, rich beautiful arranged hair. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I asked her since when she has thouse hair wefts, but instead of answering me, she smiled. After few minuts she told me she choosed to buy lace front wigs. The reason of the change, of her choice is that it is way more easy to use. Only who knows my sister can suspect that that her wasn’t hers. The happisness she was showing, i didnt’t saw that in long time. The reason i knew and now was my turn to stay with my hand in her hair.


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Lovely dresses –

True love i don’t think exist only in movies and books. It comes in our lifes when we are ready to receive it.I’m sure of this! When you love, you give the person you love all you could, just to be happy. I heard this words long time ago, now i can confirm them. It passed 5 years since we met and i said is time to get married.

Two people who have same thoughts, same intensions for future is clear they will have a beutiful future also. After deciding to get married, after the emotional impact from this thought was assimilated, we asked each other who we announce first. Our parents love us same much. This why we decided to give them the news after the end of the „Hope Charitable Ball”.

For the next moments that will follow, i felt that i need extern help, i need thouse not said words that all will be good. Shopping is a real therapy for women, and i was in need of a Prom Dress. I thought long time if i should buy a long dress or a medium one. Both models are beautiful and have each it’s own charm, but the long dress gives style and hides a little trick: it makes me look taller. The advantage of long prom dresses is that that nobody will see my leg shacking of emotion.

I noticed one thing about myself, from few years i go in just few stores from where i buy what i desire. I visitated them this time also to be sure i choosed the most beautiful dress at the best price. store conquered me with 3 gorgeous dresses. I would have bought all 3, so much i liked them. Surprising, even for me, the winning dress is from the category Cheap Prom Dresses. With the left money, i’ll come back here and i will buy ,1, 2, who knows?

Now , with the dress in my possesion, i felt i can deal with the strongest emotions. This is just a little part of a story about a prince and a princess.




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Prom Dresses, Cheap Prom Dresses

What beautiful times i lived in the 4 years of highschool! This is the time when you feed yourself with illusions, hopes, when you fall deeply inlove, when a little problem becames a tragedy which dissapears immediately because an other problem appeared. Here at school i had a second family and now i think with emotion that the time came that each of us to go on different roads. We will say goodbye in a magical night where we will live and remember wonderful times with professors.

We want everything to be at superlativ: special invitations, the place, the decorations, music, everything. All seems to have a solution. The most difficult is the Prom Dress. Any girl wishes a dress that fits her and that makes her feel noticed. More then that, when you enter a store you ask of Cheap Prom Dresses. Are two essential notions, but very difficult to be found together.

In life you need to believe in your chance, in your luck and everything will happen at the right time. In the moment i discovered the store Landybridal, i felt how in my soul a hope appeared, that here my dream will became reality.

Here i discovered a lot of beautiful dresses. In other stores i didn’t found nothing nice, but now i know why. Them, the beautiful dresses, talked with each other and decided to meet in this store. I left home with the thought that i want a long dress, because it gives a sofisticated and mysterious air. In this store i discovered medium dresses which i liked a lot, i felt in them that young air. I will show you 3 dresses which i liked most. The question is: which one should i take home with me ? Hard decision.

From my point of view a dress gets noticed because of the quality material from which is made, but also because of the original and impressive design. These „qualities” of a dress together with a good price, conquer even the most demanding women. Whoever will discover this store will say that the dresses have competitive prices and have high quality.

I know that any from the 3 dresses i would choose, i would be happy with my choice. When you like what you are wearing, you can feel this from the way of how you smile, how you talk until the way of how you walk. Is most appreciated the work of thouse from, whom from 2006 and until now made many women happy.

Cap Straps Chiffon with Beading Backless V-neck Nice Prom Dress

Short/Mini Dark Navy Lace Chiffon Sashes / Ribbons Strapless Amazing Prom Dress

Popular Orange A-line Chiffon Crystal Detailing Scoop Neck Prom Dress

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A dress can make your day better – Rosa Novias CA

Women love dresses and the dresses love women. The life of a woman goes around dresses. We search events to wear the most beautiful dresses. I remember with pleasure of the time in which i searched Prom Dresses. I think i drove my mother crazy. We both calmed down when we discovered a beautiful dress in Rosa Novias CA store. Next was the wedding of my cousin when i started to dream only of bridemaid dresses. After many days of search, i found my dress in the same friendly store: Rosa Novias CA.

Then it was the University graduation and full days in which i wasn’t talking of nothing else except Special Occasion Dresses. I wanted to surprise all with my dress, but in exchange i was the one surprised. My boyfriend brought me as a gift a gorgeous dress from my soul store. Gabriel, my boyfriend, is a very special man. One of his qualities is that he is very carefull with me. After a few years came the moment for us to get married. Nobody was asking no more from where i was going to go to see wedding dresses. Rosa Novias CA is always there for you. Always with surprises.

I rememeber all this events, all this dresses with pleasure. Even today i see them with big admiration, but today i have an even more special reason of joy. For the first time, my little girl will wear a dress signed by the same store. I have seen many Flower Girl Dresses, but i am very happy with the choice she made.

This is the story – told in words – of the most beautiful dresses in my life, down i will let the pictures to „talk”.

Nectarean Ball Gown Short/mini Crystal Detailing Sweetheart Lace Satin&Tulle Prom Dresses

prom dresses

Sexy Lace Trumpet/mermaid Floor-length Straps Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaid dresses

Nectarean Short/mini Ruching A-line Chiffon Bow(s) One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses

Special Occasion Dresses

Elegant Sweetheart Hand Made Flowers Sweep/brush Train A-line Beading Chiffon Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses

Charming Flower Tea-length Lace Straps Sheath/column Girl Dresses


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