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Stilettos shoes only to Shoespie

pe 4 Ianuarie 2016

I like winter hollidays. People smile much more, they make plans for the future. Old friends get back together and spend lovely moments. An old highschool friend, called me saying she comes over. I was so happy to see her again. But she had a surprise for me: an invitation to her wedding. She asked me to go with her to chosse her wedding shoes. I accepted without thinking.

Imi plac sarbatorile de iarna. Lumea zambeste mai mult, isi face planuri pentru viitor. Vechii prieteni se reunesc si petrec clipe minunate. O veche prietena din liceu, m-a sunat ca vine pe la mine. M-am bucurat mult sa o revad. Insa, ea avea o surpriza pentru mine: sa ma invite la nunta ei. M-a rugat sa merg cu ea sa isi aleaga pantofii de nunta. Am acceptat fara sa stau pe ganduri.

I always liked to go with her shopping and in that way i was also looking for: stilettos shoes. We were in many stores and we didn’t found anything interesting. Then we had the ideea to search wedding shoes online. Our attention was captivated by the link . Here we found many pairs of bridal shoes online. The winners were the shoes Gracious Stiletto Heels with Lovely Flower. Her happiness got double when she saw the next announce: cheap bridal shoes. Any bride loves this type of announce.

Mereu mi-a placut sa merg cu ea la cumparaturi si in felul acesta imi cautam si eu pantofi stiletto. Am mers in multe magazine si nu am gasit nimic interesant. Atunci ne-a venit ideea sa cautam pantofi de nunta on-line. Atentia ne-a fost atrasa de link-ul celor de la Shoespie. Aici am gasit multe perechi de pantofi de mireasa on-line. Castigatori au fost pantofii Gracious Stiletto Heels with Lovely Flower . Fericirea i s-a dublat vazand urmatorul anunt: pantofi de mireasa ieftini. Orice mireasa adora acest tip de anunt.


Knowing her very happy that she found her long wished shoes, we started the search for my shoes. Descovering the link and seeing stiletto heels, i felt wonderful. So many pairs of stiletto high heels shoes, that was difficult to chosse my shoes for her weeding. What is interesting is the fact that every women, according to her personality, can find here the long wished shoes. I chosed to buy Fashion Multi Color Pointed Toe Stiletto Heels.

Stiind-o foarte multumita ca si-a gasit pantofii mult visati, am inceput cautarile pentru pantofii mei. Am descoperit pe acelasi site ca au si pantofi cu toc cui, m-am simtit minunat. Atat de multe perechi stiletto cu toc inalt, incat cu greu mi-a ales pantofii pentru nunta ei. Ceea ce este interesant, este faptul ca orice femeie, in functie de personaliatea ei, aici isi poate gasi pantofii mult visati. Eu am ales sa imi cumpar Fashion Multi Color Pointed Toe Stilletto Heels.


The succes of the following event was also possible thanks to the online shop. A pair of shoes can make a women smile. Many people will ask us from where we bought the shoes, happy we will tell them: .

Reusita evenimentului ce a urmat, se datoreaza si magazinului online. O pereche de pantofi face femeia sa zambeasca. Multa lume ne va intreba de unde ne-am cumparat pantofii, fericite le vom spune: de la Shoespie .


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