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A dress can make your day better – Rosa Novias CA

pe 11 Ianuarie 2016

Women love dresses and the dresses love women. The life of a woman goes around dresses. We search events to wear the most beautiful dresses. I remember with pleasure of the time in which i searched Prom Dresses. I think i drove my mother crazy. We both calmed down when we discovered a beautiful dress in Rosa Novias CA store. Next was the wedding of my cousin when i started to dream only of bridemaid dresses. After many days of search, i found my dress in the same friendly store: Rosa Novias CA.

Then it was the University graduation and full days in which i wasn’t talking of nothing else except Special Occasion Dresses. I wanted to surprise all with my dress, but in exchange i was the one surprised. My boyfriend brought me as a gift a gorgeous dress from my soul store. Gabriel, my boyfriend, is a very special man. One of his qualities is that he is very carefull with me. After a few years came the moment for us to get married. Nobody was asking no more from where i was going to go to see wedding dresses. Rosa Novias CA is always there for you. Always with surprises.

I rememeber all this events, all this dresses with pleasure. Even today i see them with big admiration, but today i have an even more special reason of joy. For the first time, my little girl will wear a dress signed by the same store. I have seen many Flower Girl Dresses, but i am very happy with the choice she made.

This is the story – told in words – of the most beautiful dresses in my life, down i will let the pictures to „talk”.

Nectarean Ball Gown Short/mini Crystal Detailing Sweetheart Lace Satin&Tulle Prom Dresses

prom dresses

Sexy Lace Trumpet/mermaid Floor-length Straps Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaid dresses

Nectarean Short/mini Ruching A-line Chiffon Bow(s) One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses

Special Occasion Dresses

Elegant Sweetheart Hand Made Flowers Sweep/brush Train A-line Beading Chiffon Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses

Charming Flower Tea-length Lace Straps Sheath/column Girl Dresses



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