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pe 14 ianuarie 2016

True love i don’t think exist only in movies and books. It comes in our lifes when we are ready to receive it.I’m sure of this! When you love, you give the person you love all you could, just to be happy. I heard this words long time ago, now i can confirm them. It passed 5 years since we met and i said is time to get married.

Two people who have same thoughts, same intensions for future is clear they will have a beutiful future also. After deciding to get married, after the emotional impact from this thought was assimilated, we asked each other who we announce first. Our parents love us same much. This why we decided to give them the news after the end of the „Hope Charitable Ball”.

For the next moments that will follow, i felt that i need extern help, i need thouse not said words that all will be good. Shopping is a real therapy for women, and i was in need of a Prom Dress. I thought long time if i should buy a long dress or a medium one. Both models are beautiful and have each it’s own charm, but the long dress gives style and hides a little trick: it makes me look taller. The advantage of long prom dresses is that that nobody will see my leg shacking of emotion.

I noticed one thing about myself, from few years i go in just few stores from where i buy what i desire. I visitated them this time also to be sure i choosed the most beautiful dress at the best price. store conquered me with 3 gorgeous dresses. I would have bought all 3, so much i liked them. Surprising, even for me, the winning dress is from the category Cheap Prom Dresses. With the left money, i’ll come back here and i will buy ,1, 2, who knows?

Now , with the dress in my possesion, i felt i can deal with the strongest emotions. This is just a little part of a story about a prince and a princess.





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