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A beautiful hair –

pe 15 Ianuarie 2016

I always liked to have long hair, but my mother would always cut my hair. This happened until i was 14 years old. Since then i had long hair. A girl, a woman is much more womanhood when she has long hair. My sister has other character and she always had short hair. Every time she would admire mine, but she didn’t had the patience to wait until it grows. All the time she wanted a change. We care a lot one about other, but i choosed to stay in Romania and she choose to leave in USA.

We two talk often on the phone. She asks often if i still have long hair, how long. We tell each other a lot of things. One day she told me she was coming from the hair stylist and she saw thouse hair wefts from which everybody talks about. She told me so many things about them, she was good informed. When she tells me something specific about a thing, it means that that thing really interest her. I knew good why she tells me, but my sister knows me very good. I wanted to ask her about the price, about the quality, but she knew before what i wanted to ask. She told me to remember only this words „cheap human hair wefts„. I felt joy in her voice, finally, with a little trick her dream will come true. I asked her when i will see her with them, i knew that this is what she will do next. Her answer surprised me: when you will come visit me. I knew she wasn’t joking. I was missing her and i needed a holliday.


We started to make plans, to book airplane tickets. Sometimes i had the feeling that the time doesn’t pass no more. But finally the big day came. The way to the airport and the houres spent in the airplane made me very tired. In thouse moments i only wanted a hug from her and a bed to rest in finally. This tiredness disappeared the moment i saw my sister: she had a long, rich beautiful arranged hair. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I asked her since when she has thouse hair wefts, but instead of answering me, she smiled. After few minuts she told me she choosed to buy lace front wigs. The reason of the change, of her choice is that it is way more easy to use. Only who knows my sister can suspect that that her wasn’t hers. The happisness she was showing, i didnt’t saw that in long time. The reason i knew and now was my turn to stay with my hand in her hair.



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