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Her dress has a name – Cocomelody

pe 18 Ianuarie 2016

The adolescence is a beautiful time in every person life. I remember with joy from that time of my life. One of the important persons from that time was my neighbor, Lidia. We slept many times together, we shared dreams, we made plans. Although we were teenagers, one of the main subjects was the wedding dress which we will wear in the big day. Many days and many nights we would look on fashion magazines, on internet for the dress she dreamed of. It should of been from the category backless Wedding Dresses.

Many years passed since then, she moved in France. Old friendships can not be splitted neither from time or from distance. She called me few months ago to invite me to her wedding. This news made me so happy. I was impatient to find out what dress she will wear. She didn’t wanted to give me any details on the phone. In the wedding day, when i saw her dress, i saw her dream came true. She choosed the dress she dreamt of and she told me she bought it from


I was seeing how happy she was. She married the man she loves, she has the wished dress, she is a happy woman. She came close to me, with a smile i rarely saw on her face. She took me in her arms and started to cry. Through tears she told me that will come the day when i will wear lace backless wedding dress. I thought she forgot, but no. I started to cry. Dreams must be taken till end.

The days spent in France were wonderful. She insisted and we started to search for my wedding dress, although that day is not established. Every day she would tell me: your dream of wearing your wished dress will come true just like i made my dream come true. Clear?! Who would dare to contradict her? Me not. I opened the and i saw details about the sale campaign. I like to see good news. Well, i will found my dress here? Let`s see.



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