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My wishlist – shoes from

pe 23 Februarie 2016

Will a day come when I say I have enough clothes, jewelry or shoes? I will disappoint my fiancé, but he must know,  that this will not ever change. He and my blog visitors have already seen a few wish lists with different clothes but have never seen what I prefer to wear, what shoes I like, what sandals, what boots or casual shoes. For this I choose to do a wishlist from website, a site with many wonderful categories. I hope to return to this site, I want to show you some nice bags I found here.

Whatever the season: winter, summer, spring or fall, my parents always tell me to have slippers on my feet. I always forget where I let them and for that I have chosen the following pairs, home shoes.


Is there someone who doesn’t want to be summer, to take vacation, holidays, to have sunshine? Is there any person who does not enjoy traveling, meeting new people? For all these things, I recommend these slippers and sandals.


What i really like at this site, is that I can find shoes for almost every occasion and season. I like very much to drive my car and considering my work I choose three pairs of boots in diverse colors.


Reward yourself with .


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