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Short Prom Dresses UK – Dressfashion

pe 29 februarie 2016

My brother lives in London. Lucky for me and my family is that he comes home often. I listen carefully about everything he tells, about different aspects of that city: about habbits, traditions, cultures, people, clothes, fashion, about many things. Because of my work program, I could not go to visit him.

My brother knows me very well. When he tells me something, I want to show me pictures from there. I put him in difficulty when he told me about the women clothes, about fashion in the UK. He knows that I am fashion addicted and he searched for me a store online with dresses from UK. He found it Dressfashion. HHe knew that I’ll be charmed by the beauty of dresses here.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and he has an old habbit of buying something for me with this occasion. This time he told me that i can choose a dress which I like it. Soon will be my birthday and I told him that I wanted a dress of the category: Short Prom Dresses UK. What followed from this moment was a sweet dream. As I expected, I hardly chosen a dress, but I’m very happy with my choice.
This is my choice, I hope you will like it you too.


The surprises for me have not done here. My brother saw how excited i am when i was watching this site to chose a dress. Both dresses (my choice and his choice) I like so much. Only beautiful dresses you find here, right?



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