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Is coming, is coming the summer – Dresswe

pe 5 Martie 2016

Everyone is special and unique and has its own style of clothes. My mother had big problems with me because of my points of view imposed on my own clothes. With the age, my preferences have changed. Now I prefer casual – elegant and rarely sport. For example, in the winter I wear a midi dress and a pair of boots and I feel great dressed like that. Cold weather has passed and now I am waiting for the summer. I know it will not delay much and I want to surprise it with new clothes, maxi dresses and sandals. I like so much to have beautiful dresses and I find cheap maxi dresses at Dresswe and now I feel very lucky. Online stores offer is much larger choices. This time I chose to buy from Dresswe three dresses. Of the hundreds of models, here’s what I chose and I hope you enjoy it.




When I look at these dresses I miss the sun, the waves, the beach. Long dresses make me feel like a princess. I was surprised to discover on this site also cheap sandals at Dresswe. Sandals models are variants but I have chosen to wear a pair of sandals with any of the three dresses. I am a petite girl and I chose this high heel sandals because they are convenien sandals, and I can wear them, all day, without leg pain.


I will definitely return to this store because I love to be here.


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