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pe 22 Aprilie 2016

Women have a lot of imagination. All little girls they imagine the things and this usually does not disappear with the passage of years. They imagines many things that we have or do. There is a thought that we women often think: our wedding day. We imagined our wedding dress how will looks like, what will be the dress for the bridesmaid and the best friend, the invitation, the ornaments, everything.
We looks for these dresses long time. It happens sometimes to forget this thought, but once you find the dresses you’ve dreamed of, you just remember all the details. This has happened to me and want me to tell you too.
Two months ago I discovered a site full of beautiful dresses. To this site I gave maximum attention and today I want to show you three lovely dresses for three girls magnificent.
My wedding dress is gloumor with a long train, it is a princess dress with crystal applications: crystal wedding dress with long train flowers appliqués.


Bridesmaid’s dress is a dress very sexy, very attractive in color: v-neck burgundy mermaid evening party gown.


My best friend’s dress is sexy, is black, and the lace is perfect: black long sleeve prom dress with slit.


All three dresses are made carefully and I already dream about them.
Now that I found the second important „things” for your dream wedding, it’s time to find my husband.

PS: this site,, they are shipping to over 200 countries worldwide. Wonderfull !


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