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…about me is my hero

pe 11 Mai 2016

I had a beautiful dream last night. It was so beautiful that I did not realize it was just a dream. In the last few days I have been very stressed because I could not find two dresses. I’m looking for a cheap bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress. Relax, I do not marry yet. My brother wants to marry and he wants to organize a surprise wedding for his future wife. Because he has great confidence in me, I got entrusted with this duty. For many days I searched a beautiful dress for my sister in law, but nothing matched her. My mind is relaxed when i sleep. At that moment I remembered the store Cocomelody. I woke up verry happy and I remembered all the dream and about this store. I looked at this site and discovered products designer wedding dresses. My sister in law is very lucky.


In this period is a campaign to Cocomelody store. If you buy than more $ 300 , you have free shipping. A second campaign is the bridesmaid dresses, use the code B10 if you buy 2 – 3 pieces, and the cod B15 if you buy 4+ pieces.
Good luck and good vibes.





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