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pe 17 Mai 2016

Who does not like surprises? Elena finish high school this year. She is the daughter of a good friend of mine. She called me today to tell me that needs a prom dress. On this occasion, I remembered that I graduated the high school 12 years ago. Since then many things have changed, including stores in town, fashion, everything. Now that’s a challenge for me. I love this girl very much and I told her I’ll be happy to help her. I asked several people where I could find cheap prom dresses. Most people I have asked they said to me: With so many positive responses to this store, I decided to visit this store and choose a dress for her as a gift.

I thought it would be hard for me to find a shop dedicated to these prom dresses uk, but in this online shop we found many beautiful dresses and gorgeous. Now I could say that I really a problem. I have seen here many dresses, all are beautiful. I wanted to make her a surprise, to buy the dress right now, but I preferred to meet with her the next day and we choose together.
Choosing prom dress is very important for Elena. for her parents but also for me. We all wanted for her to shine in that night. Thanks to this online store we succeeded. She chose a blue dress, the color of the year. She shined in the dress. The dress is great quality.


Elena’s little sister is waiting to buy her prom dress. She has to wait two years until then. It is very nice to see them how discuss who is more beautiful dress, about the cheap price, about quality and about preferences. I’m glad I could help her.



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