Lumea mea e simpla…

…about me is her style now, but tomorrow will be mine !

pe 25 iulie 2016

I graduated from high school 12 years ago. I miss those times, I miss my classmates, my teachers, I miss my prom dress. This year, my little little friend, she finished the high school. She loves a lot of our friendship. To show me this, she invited me to see her on prom day. She did not say anything about her dress, saying it would be a surprise. I could not to get any information (premiere), I decided to not ruin the surprise.

Prom Day arrived, and she introduced us her dress. A simple dress, but nice and later I found out that it cost only $ 72. It was a great dress and her delights to wear. My little little friend shone in her dress, she was happy because I liked her choice, she was glad to finish high school. Now she looked with confidence about her new stage of life that was to begin in a few months.

At one point came to me and whispered, I immediately deduced that it is the site where she bought it. The day after the party, I entered on this site and I saw her dress, but I saw and other elegant prom dresses.
Thank you my little little friend for this online store.


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