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My choice is Dresstells, yours is?

pe 23 august 2016

My father is a man who has worked all his life. He tried hard to give me everything. He did not want to know about his childhood problems. I really appreciated the effort and taught me of the time I prepare my things that I need. We are in the last month of summer, it is time to prepare for upcoming events. By doing this way we spend less money or we can buy more products.

Charity Ball „Give Hope” will be over a month. It is an important event I want to buy a new dress. This year will be the 10th edition and I want my dress (my look) to be impressive. I want a fairy-tale dress, a dress to be admired. When people would ask me where I bought it I will answer them gladly I bought it from Dresstells. I saw in their shop homecoming dresses. This dresses are so beautiful. I admired the dresses several hours continuously. These dresses are elegant, modern, delicate. Hardly I decided to buy A-line Sweetheart Beaded Lace-up Tulle Royal Blue Cocktail Dress Homecoming. I dreamed this dress long time. Now I have it before my eyes. The price is now reduced to $ 105.99 from $ 324.97.


I made a good deal. I saw in the store and cute and homecoming dresses. And they are just as beautiful and my soul has most desired two dresses: Glamorous A-line Scoop Short Tulle Royal Blue Prom / Homecoming Dress With Crystal and A-line Scoop Knee-length Navy Blue Organza Open Back Homecoming Dress with beading .



I hope you liked my choices.


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