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pe 31 August 2016

Two weeks ago I discovered a new online store, StyleWe. Some friends knew it and they said to me about this store. I did not stay either ahead and we each ordered something. A very good friend bought a pair of pants very beautiful. I am the love of sweaters and dresses. Our first observation was that the prices are higher but are of superior quality. I am a fashion girl and I want to take the fall and winter by surprise, not them on me. I bought Sweet Polyester Stand Collar Long Sleeve Sheath Mini Dress from KAN · F brand. The label of this brand is themed with romantic, gentle and colorful aesthetic style. I choose this dress and I receive it today.


In my wishlist are and these two dresses: Dark Blue Short Sleeve Pockets Mini Dress from AOFULI and White Polyester Short Sleeve Floral-print Sheath Mini Dress from LIFVER. I do not know the when i will buy it, but I hope that day come soon. Until then, I want to show you pictures of them.



Did I mention that I like and sweaters. I found two such beautiful, modern and special and I added them to my list of whishlist: Plain Long Sleeve Sweater Red turtleneck (VEINFUNS) and Dark Blue angora-blend turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater (D.FANNI) .



The summer is gone, the autumn has come and if you are looking dresses, sweaters or outwear for women, here is the perfect place.

If You Want quality, you pay a little bit more. Always!


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