Lumea mea e simpla…

…about me it was her style now, but now it`s mine !

pe 13 Octombrie 2016

Two months ago I told you about my girlfriend and her prom day from I really liked her dress and I said than that I will want one for myself from this shop store. I saw many elegant dresses and more of them I would hlike to order. The most of what i liked was the dress of my little friend. But it is one problem. I do not like to go al one event and see there that someone has dress like mine. Taking this into consideration, I chose to buy another dress, but I chose the same colors: black and white.

I chose a Chiffon dress, a dress casual for service. I can not wait to get it, and I am nervous about transportation. I know than it will arrive quickly and in excellent condition. In my country is autumn, temperatures decreased and this plaid midi dress is perfect for this time. I want to wear this dress with a pair of black boots, with a colored vest and a little hat.
This is my lovely dress !
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