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Every love store is beautiful, but if you have beach wedding dresses is perfect!

pe 19 decembrie 2016

The love is one of the most bigger and beautiful fellings. You like me, and all people, want to meet a true love. What it is the true love? Is hard to explain, but when meet it, you will know that is forever. Most girls begin to think about their wedding when they meet the perfect man. Love must be watch with pride. It’s an honor, worth if you deserve it.

Every woman has her own preferences regarding the wedding. Every woman has her own preferences regarding wedding. I really love the sea, sun, sand and seagulls. I want to have a beach wedding. I know my family to have an opinion different from mine, but this does not matter so much for me. I find one store very intesting. Yesterday I saw there an amazing beach wedding dresses. But wait! All the dress from modabridal shop has the price with a big discount.


It was not easy to chose one dress, but after two hours I did it. I chose a simple dress, but very elegant. It was not love at first sight but i am sure this is a good choice. I am very excited about this dress and look forward to the big day. This will happen until the wedding day. Only in that day he will see for the first time I bought. This tradition is old but can not wait to see his reaction. I will tell you a secret: he loves me and he loves my choises.



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