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The One Who Changed Everything

pe 4 aprilie 2017

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. Love is a precious feeling that makes people better, more beautiful and tender. It’s so nice to see a man / woman in love. But you know what’s even more beautiful? Being you in love, to be with the person you love. Sometimes the wrong choices, bring us to the right places. Now, I am inlove. It`s true. I like this feeling, I like my boyfriend, but if you ask me why I love him , I would know what to say you. I don’t have a reason, I love him because is … he. I hope to understand what I try to say you. When I am with him, all my problems disappear.

My motto is: Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive, should feel free to be strong. It’s a beautiful relationship . I don’t know what God reserve me, but if we will married in one day, I know one shop with some amazing dresses, wedding dresses. This shop is Airmode and I descovered a few days ago. It’s a shop with so many wonderful dresses, ths price is cheap. Are to many dresss which I want to have it, I envite you just to look for one second over this link: Came back to me , and tell me, what dress you like it the most ?

plage ferme watteau mur naturel longueur bretelles spaghetti summer robe sans manches

Maybe you ask yourself which dress I like it the most. The answer is verry simple: all. No, now seriosly, I like many dresses, I don’t know what I will buy, but until then… I expect the marriage proposal. Hey, I am not kidding! With such a good guy, with one of this gorgeous dresses, I can say with a loud voice: The life smile to me!


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