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pe 8 aprilie 2017

Today, the weather it’s no so cool, is ugly and it’s raining, so today I will stay home. This was the first think when I wake up and I looked up on the window. I start my computer and I saw a picture and after that, instantly I smiled. „Fashion is instant language” said by Miuccia Prada. Who is this woman? She is an Italian fashion designer and businesswoman. She is the head designer of Prada. Now, my day , is much better.
I know my value and I don’t enought money for clothes by Prada, but I the past I bought one dress from StyleWe. It’s so cute and
georgeous and warm and many women asked from where I bought it. Shopping is like a therapy for women. The shopping solves many problems, so let’s do some shopping. My depression will pass away with a navy blue jumpsuit. I know the perfect place from where i must looking, at the same shop from where I bought the dress.

I must say that I am not a fashionable woman, I read a lot about this. I did not know, for example, how to mix the leggings, but after I read this post: Legging Outfits: Stylish Tips on Wearing Leggings, everything was more clearly in my mind. My advice for you is: look around you, read posts like this, don’t be ashamed with your knowledge and always choose a comfortable style.

Today is shopping day! Because the summer is coming with big steps, i wanted for me and something from this shop: JustFashionNow. More exactly I looked after JustFashionNow white lace crop top. The price was good, the clothes were nice with different designers so, summer you can come now.

If you wondered If I am sad because today I stayed in home, the answer is NO, I loved this day!


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